Carl Annala

Artist Portland, OR

out of the box

My techniques are very traditional, almost identical to anyone painting 100 years ago. I paint oil on canvases using brushes. I start with a photographic image I have captured on a hike and given careful consideration. I start my paintings using a black ground on the canvas. I start with a red sketch of the image using Gamblin Colors Fast Matte it dries quickly. I then build my painting using small strokes of color, of carefully mixed colors. The image looks very loose up until the end. I do not mix the colors on the surface, I do not blend them. I have developed these techniques over the years in order to retain some sense of energy in the final image.

The above refers to my naturalist work; my abstract work process is very similar. Always starting with black but now with no “beginning” sketch. The image is built in the very same way, small marks of carefully considered color over the whole image. There may be several layers of paint; there may be only one. Sometimes I will use graphite, paint stick, oil pastel or paint pens on the top of these abstract paintings. I believe that what I am doing in the abstract work is playing with the rhythms of nature I learned in doing the post impressionist paintings.

I studied under Lucinda Parker, Bob Hanson and Harry Widman in the 1980’s and am grateful for their influence.

When I worked at the Glenn And Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, I did design materials for print, display banners and web.

During my 8 years at WCAC I was also the gallery curator, programming monthly and bimonthly exhibitions supporting local, regional, national and international artists of all mediums. Truly a rich 8 years.

I have also taught visual art workshops and classes at the University, Community and High School levels. (CV available on request.)

Today I live in SE Portland and love it. My wife of 20 years, Katherine Annala LAc., and I enjoy our 1928 Swedish bungalow with two cats, Josephine and Beowulf.

I hold a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing/Painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art and a Masters of Fine Art in Painting from Portland State University.